Top Executive Sparring & Coaching; Effectiveness & growth for people, organizations and businesses!; Leadership is the profession, that turns a vision into reality

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... is a new kind of service for TOP Executives – Top Executive Sparring.

Effective action is a result of the interaction between the levels person, role and task. TOP Executive Sparring focuses all these levels combining the professions Leadership, Coaching and Consulting. A space is created that is highly confidential, experienced and professional - your effectiveness is improved significantly.

The founder and CEO Martin Bettels, former Vice President and member of the Capgemini Country Board, is supported by a highly qualified network of specialists, coaches, consultants, managers, entrepreneurs and personalities that are all united by a common goal:

"To be the engineers of success for your company!"

Guiding Principle

is the profession, that turns a vision into reality.

is the profession that makes people, people in organizations and organizations effective.

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Succeers GmbH Martin Bettels Dipl.-Ing., CPIM, Master & Geschäftsführer

Martin Bettels
Dipl.-Ing., CPIM, Master Coach & Geschäftsführer

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What we tackle

Management Consulting, Executive Sparring and Executive Coaching, which is focused entirely on your personal and business growth and development objectives.

to succeer

To successfully develop sustainable, profitable growth through innovation, continuous change and the ability to optimally use and motivate own resources for the long-term.

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Sum of market, contacts and experience areas to be harnessed for your growth strategy. That is: your clients, partners, cooperations and networks.

This includes...

A client:

"The key to our company’s successful development lies in our own hands – knowing our core business and core competencies, aiming at growth through targeted innovation and configuration of the value-added chain. To do so we must discover and boost our organization's resources - knowledge, will, abilities, networks and ideas. Investment in our own employees, resources and structures is therefore often more valuable and long-lasting than outsourcing. To develop and motivate own resources, limit outsourcing and implement effectively – all this stands for sustainable success."

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